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Uschi Brüning und Günther Fischer – Konzertmittschnitt

Amiga, GDR, 1974

Tracklist :

A1 – Ohne Lieder leben (living without songs)
A2 – An H.E. (for H.E. (H.E. being Hanns Eisler)) (snippet)
A3 – Vielleicht (maybe)

B1 – Einen Tag lang (for one day)
B2 – Gestern abend (yesterday evening) (snippet)
B3 – Er verließ mich vor dem Morgen (he left me before dawn)

(play all tracks)

Uschi Brüning (voc), Günther Fischer (ld, fl, ss, as, synth), Mario Peters (voc, el-p), Fred Baumert (g), Wolfgang “Eddie” Greiser (b, bg), Wolfgang “Zicke” Schneider (d), Streichergruppe Otto Karl Beck.

Cover of Uschi Brüning und Günther Fischer - KonzertmittschnittBackside of Uschi Brüning und Günther Fischer - Konzertmittschnitt
Label Side A of Uschi Brüning und Günther Fischer - KonzertmittschnittLabel Side B of Uschi Brüning und Günther Fischer - Konzertmittschnitt

This is a live recording of a show done in east berlin and it rocks. I really love the music here, the full song for today is A1 – “Ohne Lieder leben” and its one of my own personal hymns, the lyrics basically point out that a life without music is impossible – exactly what I think. One a more funny sidenote, the one thing that really annoys on this record is the audience because whenever there is more than one second silence they begin to applaud, even if its only a small break in the song. Sometimes they start clapping three times troughout a song, I don’t know whats up with that. But atleast they dont clap along with the songs – thats something that happens on a few russian and czecheslovakian live-records and tends to go an my nerves very fast. Guess thats what they called “having a good time”.

However, as I said, this is one of my personal all-time favourate records.

Some biography stuff that I happen to know :

Uschi Brüning was one of the big female vocalists from the GDR. She could release some records and worked with alot of the major composers and players from the GDR. She is still producing records and touring Germany, I have to say that I am kind of frustrated because I missed every concert she gave in my hometown for the past 5 years, somehow it was never meant to be.

Günther Fischer was a multi-talent and workaholic. He toured all the time, wrote loads of music, worked with all big vocalists from the GDR, played major jazz-festivals, did soundtracks and so on and so forth. The best thing about him is that almost anything he did was somehow jazz-oriented. I have about 10 records from or featuring him and every single one is great in some way. I don’t know what he is up to at the moment, unfortunately.

Wolfgang “Zicke” Schneider (“Zicke” means goat) was one of the best drummers from the GDR. He is featured on alot of records and had a very sophisticated drumming style. He is the drummer on the (lesser known) “Wenn der Urlaub kommt”-Break (from a record from Manfred Krug, will appear here soon).

You can search the web for Uschi Brüning and Günther Fischer.

Shopping Links :
Uschi Brüning – | | | : here, here and here.
Günther Fischer – | | | : here, here and here.

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