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Karel Gott – Die Neue LP

Karel Gott - Die Neue LP - CoverAmiga, GDR, 1975

Karel Gott was the Megastar of the eastern countries, there is no doubt about that. He started in czecheslovakia but his music was not even stopped by the iron curtain and he is still recording songs and does shows all over the world, including the US and Japan. One example of his work is the titlesong for “Biene Maja” (no idea what the title was in other countries, just look below for a picture), a show which was broadcasted all over the world.

Altough he was a real pop-singer his work was always very fresh and ad-hoc. Also he did all he could to reach wider audiences, most of his songs are avaiable in versions of several languages, including czech, german, russian, english, italian and more.

Biene MajaThis record is one of his works from the time when he really started to go international, the interesting thing is that although most of the songs on this record are in german language and it was aimed at the german market (and thats the west- aswell as the eastgerman market, to be precise) the whole record was recorded by Supraphon in Prague, Czecheslovakia and Amiga just licensed it for eastern germany.

The song I chose is a A5 – “Der allerletzte Liebestrank” and its my heads-up for all crate-diggers and samplers out there. Do you know the feeling when you want something really bad but just can’t reach it ? Its the same with this song, the drums are really fresh but there is not one moment in that song where they are really playing alone, there is always some other instrument or the voice over it. Things like these drive me crazy sometimes :) Also take note of the synth-sounds, that record is from ‘75 and it was mainstream-pop.

You can look for Karel Gott on, there are really loads of records around, but be aware that he is really a “pop-singer”. His records from the seventies are mostly funky though.

And there is some more excellent information about Karel Gott on Maisies World.

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{ 2 } Comments

  1. maisieh | 12. Oktober 2006 at 18:53 | Permalink

    Yes, Gott put some great stuff out in the 1960s and 1970s. Shame he’s just a bland Schlager star now.
    Great site, by the way!!!

  2. Firas Abou Jaib | 26. Dezember 2013 at 01:50 | Permalink

    ,Someone can tell me a (zai zai) karel gott’s song name.
    .That song in this tape

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