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The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the federation of the Czech Socialist Republic and Slovak Socialist Republic. After the end of the cold war the federal parliament decided to dissolve the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. (wikipedia)

Václav Zahradník Big Band – Euro Jazz (Repost)

Supraphon, CSSR, 1974 (Discogs)
A1 You Stepped Out Of A Dream (5:00), Written By Nacio Herb Brown , Gus Kahn
A2 Body And Soul (7:10), Written By Edward Heyman , Johnny Green
A3 Round Midnight (8:30), Written By Thelonious Monk
B1 Hello, Tony! (7:25), Written By Václav Zahradník
B2 Yesterdays (9:00), Written By Jerome Kern
B3 When The Saints [...]

Slide Hampton & Václav Zahradník Big Band – B&S

Supraphon, CSSR, 1971 (Discogs)
A1 The End Of Love (4:40), Written By Slide Hampton , Václav Zahradník
A2 B&S (Suite In 3 Parts) (7:35), Written By Slide Hampton
A3 Gardener’s Waltz (7:00), Written By Slide Hampton
B1 Jeanette (10:40), Written By Václav Zahradník
B2 Fashank In Blues (8:35), Written By Rudolf Dašek
(play all)
Artwork By – Miloslav Žáček
Bass – [...]

Václav Zahradník And His East All Star Band – Interjazz

Supraphon, CSSR, 1971 (Discogs)
A1 Blow I (7:15), Written By Rudolf Dašek
A2 Jaumeau (12:45), Written By Václav Zahradník
B1 Intima (5:05), Written By Milienko Prohaska
B2 Ritual (5:20) Written By Andrei Tovmosian
B3 Autumn Sun (9:35) Written By Milcho Leviev
(play all)
Arranged By – Václav Zahradník
Bass – Klaus Koch
Drums – Andrzej Dabrowski
Flute, Saxophone – Simeon Shtierev
Guitar, Sitar – Rudolf [...]

VA – Jazz a la carte

Panton, Czecheslovakia, 1980
Another “a la carte” record, this time it’s jazz (and its in stereo too, but has nothing to do with the “Stereo a la carte” record).
This is a compilation giving an overview about parts of the czecheslovakian jazz-scene at that time. This is really a great record, filled with very energetic and [...]

Karel Gott – Die Neue LP

Amiga, GDR, 1975
Karel Gott was the Megastar of the eastern countries, there is no doubt about that. He started in czecheslovakia but his music was not even stopped by the iron curtain and he is still recording songs and does shows all over the world, including the US and Japan. One example of his work [...]