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Government-run Label from the GDR (eastern germany). All kinds of music, except classics. The whole backcatalogue worth 40 years of great music (30.000 titles) including all rights got sold for ~3.000 €uros to a Used-Cars-Dealer in 1990, one of the worst sell-outs of GDR-Property when East- and Westgermany got united. Now belongs to BMG. Information on Wikipedia and a highly incomplete list of releases on Discogs.

Manfred Krug – Du bist heute wie neu (No.4)

(You seem like someone else today), Amiga 8 55 451, GDR, recorded 1975, released 1976
A1 Du bist heute wie neu (You seem like someone else today)
A2 Alles vorbei (All over)
A3 Verdammt (Damn it)
A4 Sie (You)
B1 Als der Opa von uns ging (When Grandpa passed away)
B2 Damals, weißt du noch (Back then, do you remember)

Manfred Krug – Ein Hauch von Frühling (No.2)

(A breeze of spring), Amiga 8 55 279, GDR, 1972
A1 Wenn’s draußen grün wird (When it gets green outside)
A2 Laß mich nicht gehn (Don’t let me go)
A3 Komm und spiel mit mir (Come and play with me)
A4 Schau nicht hin (Don’t look there)
B1 Jeder Mann, der dich sah (Every man that saw you)
B2 [...]

Manfred Krug – Das war nur ein Moment (No.1)

(it was only a moment), Amiga 8 55 216, GDR, 1971
A1 Du sagtest leider nur “Gut Nacht” (You only said “good night”, unfortunately)
A2 Frag mich, warum (Ask me why)
A3 Der Tag beginnt (The day begins)
A4 Gestern war der Ball (Yesterday was a dance)
A5 Unser Abend war wunderbar (Our evening was great)
A6 Das war [...]

Uschi Brüning – Hochzeitsnacht (Single)

Amiga, GDR, 1975
A-Side : Hochzeitsnacht (wedding night)
B-Side : Einer wie du (one like you)
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Uschi Brüning with the Günther Fischer Orchestra

Let’s have some Funk, shall we ? It’s another Goodie from the Uschi Brüning/Günther Fischer-Dreamteam, a Single from 1975. The A-Side is a track about the wedding night of a young couple, [...]

Uschi Brüning und Günther Fischer – Konzertmittschnitt

Amiga, GDR, 1974
Tracklist :
A1 – Ohne Lieder leben (living without songs)
A2 – An H.E. (for H.E. (H.E. being Hanns Eisler)) (snippet)
A3 – Vielleicht (maybe)
B1 – Einen Tag lang (for one day)
B2 – Gestern abend (yesterday evening) (snippet)
B3 – Er verließ mich vor dem Morgen (he left me before dawn)
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Uschi Brüning (voc), Günther Fischer [...]

VA – Rhythmus 72

Amiga, GDR, 1972
Another Compilation. Since not every artist and band could have his own record the eastern labels made alot of Compilations. This way smaller or more unknown bands could have atleast one song featured on such a compilation. “Rhythmus” was annually released from 1971 to 1979 and its mostly funk/jazz influenced rock music, with [...]

Electra – Adaptionen

Amiga, GDR, 1976
Tracklist :
A1 – Borodin suite (Alexander Borodin) – 13:20
A2 – Bach ‘75 (Johann Sebastian Bach) – 6:25 (snippet)
B1 – Säbeltanz (Sabledance, Aram Chatschaturjan) – 6.05
B2 – Prelude cis-moll op3. Nr.2 (Sergej Rachmaninov) – 4:40 (snippet)
B3 – In der Halle des Bergkönigs (In the Hall of the Mountain King, Edvard Grieg) – 3:05
B4 – [...]

Karel Gott – Die Neue LP

Amiga, GDR, 1975
Karel Gott was the Megastar of the eastern countries, there is no doubt about that. He started in czecheslovakia but his music was not even stopped by the iron curtain and he is still recording songs and does shows all over the world, including the US and Japan. One example of his work [...]

Studioorchester Gerhard Siebholz – Stereo a la Carte

Amiga, GDR, 1972
This is one of those “technical demonstration” records about the effects possible with stereo recording, however it’s a little bit different from other records I heard where it’s basically one instrument being panned from left to right and back. Each song tells a story, and its quite a crazy record with lots of [...]

Walter Kubiczeck – Das unsichtbare Visier OST

Amiga, GDR, 1979
Soundtrack for some Spy/SecretService TV-Series from the DEFA (East Germany’s movie production company.) The series was done 1973, this record is from 1979 however (wonder what took them so long). Pretty cool record overall, the song I chose is A1 – “Tentakel”, the opener, but the whole record has alot of groove, laidback [...]