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Neoton Family – Sunflower

Pepita International, Hungary, 1980
Tracklist :
A1 – Disco Story
A2 – Easy Breezy
A3 – Lords of the Mountain
A4 – Seeing is Believing
A5 – Hot Headed Girl (snippet)
B1 – Santa Maria
B2 – Needing Someone
B3 – Discokece
B4 – Voodoo Girl
B5 – Mad For Love
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Produced and mixed by Ference Dobo.

Back with more Disco. I don’t know much [...]

Hannes Zerbe – Blechband

Amiga Jazz, GDR, 1984
A little lesson in history.
In the former communist countries all labels were led by the government or atleast some cultural division of it. Because of that and the fact that most records were sold out very fast economic reasons were a minor conisideration in the process of selecting artists to be published. [...]

VA – Beloved Irkutsk. The Middle of The Earth

Melodiya, USSR, 1986
Okay, this record is a bit of a mystery to me. First of all I can’t understand much of russian language. I had it in school for a few years but forgot almost everything about it. I still can read kyrillic letters though, and I know that “300 let” means “300 years”, But [...]

Zodiac – Disco Alliance

Melodiya, USSR, 1980
Tracklist :
A1 – Zodiaks – 5:12 (snippet)
A2 – Pacific – 3:52
A3 – Provincials disko – 4:18
B1 – Polo – 3:17 (snippet)
B2 – Miraza – 4:02
B3 – Rokz uz leduz – 2:42
B4 – Alianse – 3:41
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Janis Lusens (ARP Omni, ARP Odissey, Celesta), Zane Griva (piano, ARP Omni, vocals), Andris Silis (guitar), Ainars [...]