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{ Monthly Archives } Oktober 2007

Syrius – Szettört Almok

(Broken Dreams), Pepita, Hungary, 1976 (Discogs)
A1 Hajnali enek (Song at dawn)
A2 Hol az az ember (Where is the man)
A3 Mint aprilis (Like april)
A4 A laz (The Fever)
A5 Szettört almok (Broken Dreams)
B1 Kinyujtom kezem (Stretching out my arms)
B2 Hova mehetnek? (Where could I go ?)
B3 Igen, szep volt (Yeah, that was nice)
B4 Szeparcu idegen [...]

New Mixset !

Looza in the mix – Non Stop Beat, 70 minutes with (partly jazzed-up) original funk and disco tracks from the GDR, Poland, the CSSR and the USSR.
01 vaclav neckar and bacily – planetarium – 1977 – cssr
02 Walter Kubiczeck – rotidor – gdr – 1984
03 orchestra of the polish radio – na opak – poland [...]

Manfred Krug – Du bist heute wie neu (No.4)

(You seem like someone else today), Amiga 8 55 451, GDR, recorded 1975, released 1976
A1 Du bist heute wie neu (You seem like someone else today)
A2 Alles vorbei (All over)
A3 Verdammt (Damn it)
A4 Sie (You)
B1 Als der Opa von uns ging (When Grandpa passed away)
B2 Damals, weißt du noch (Back then, do you remember)

Manfred Krug – Ein Hauch von Frühling (No.2)

(A breeze of spring), Amiga 8 55 279, GDR, 1972
A1 Wenn’s draußen grün wird (When it gets green outside)
A2 Laß mich nicht gehn (Don’t let me go)
A3 Komm und spiel mit mir (Come and play with me)
A4 Schau nicht hin (Don’t look there)
B1 Jeder Mann, der dich sah (Every man that saw you)
B2 [...]

Manfred Krug – Das war nur ein Moment (No.1)

(it was only a moment), Amiga 8 55 216, GDR, 1971
A1 Du sagtest leider nur “Gut Nacht” (You only said “good night”, unfortunately)
A2 Frag mich, warum (Ask me why)
A3 Der Tag beginnt (The day begins)
A4 Gestern war der Ball (Yesterday was a dance)
A5 Unser Abend war wunderbar (Our evening was great)
A6 Das war [...]


Finally I got around something I wanted to do for a long time : Recommendations for Compilations and ReIssues featuring eastern european jazz and funk that are easily avaiable for people who don’t want to digg themselves, pay alot of money or don’t even own a turntable.
I compiled a list with records avaiable on, [...]

Jerzy Milian – Muzyka taneczna

(Music for Dancing), Polskie Nagrania Muza, 1969
Tracklist :
A1 – O cyzm marza zakochani (what the lovers dream of)
A2 – Walc katarynek (barrel-organ waltz)
A3 – Gdzie szumiace topole (two rustling poplars)
A4 – Listki brzozy polnej (leaves of a birch-tree)
A5 – Jada wozy kolorow (painted wagons are coming)
B1 – Zapiszemy nasza milosc (we shall write down [...]

Jazz Objektiv Gallery

I recently discovered two books filled with photographs of jazz musicians in the library of my hometown, one of them being Jazz Objektiv. (imagine cover here). I did actually manange to scan the whole book, but did not yet manage to add the proper description inside the gallery (the files are properly named though) and [...]

Uschi Brüning – Hochzeitsnacht (Single)

Amiga, GDR, 1975
A-Side : Hochzeitsnacht (wedding night)
B-Side : Einer wie du (one like you)
(play all tracks)
Uschi Brüning with the Günther Fischer Orchestra

Let’s have some Funk, shall we ? It’s another Goodie from the Uschi Brüning/Günther Fischer-Dreamteam, a Single from 1975. The A-Side is a track about the wedding night of a young couple, [...]